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how to unblock viber

How to unblock viber UAE:

Is Viber blocked and are you from the region UAE Emirates this can be a pain in the stomach. Whether u want to use Viber for Android or Viber for iphone or just from your laptop and computer there will be 1 easy way out all these problems.
You can use software called VPN UAE, this vpn is specialised the bypassing pc to phone, vibe UAE, voip call in uae also all other populair services like facebook, twitter, netlog…

Is viber blocked in UAE,

yes UAE blocked viber, since viber offers free voip in UAE. Since this service can also be used for free international calls, all ISP’s just blocked and filtered their service. Anyway, our vpn software is free to download, and will give you a ip of another country, therefor you can surf all blocked websites and remain totaly anonymous since all the internet data will be encrypted.

How to use viber on Iphone / Android:
Just download the application and or visit the FAQ viber for iphone and android.

Why should i use viber?
Viber is by far the best voip dialer, and is massivly used for calls from UAE to india and ofcourse all other regions of the world.

Download viber UAE

Click HERE to download WASEL Pro UAE edition

WASEL Pro Windows support Windows XP, Vista,7,8.

WASEL Pro Mac support 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion.

WASEL PRO IOS support all IOS versions.

uae vpn to unblock viber

A VPN is the solution if you want to keep using Viber when you are not able because of the following reasons:
1. ISP Blocked viber
2. Wifi viber blocked
3. Viber unstable due slow internet

Other reasons why u should use Viber in combination with a fast VPN:
1. a wifi vpn makes the connection anonymous and secure.
2. ssl vpn, gives you secure internet.
3. viber vpn speed up your internet ( internet speed )
- Our vpn server are located in multible countries, so make the distance shorter and faster.
4. You can surf the web Anonymous, and not just thru a proxy but thru our advanced vpn service.

Benefits for UAE vpn:
- surf anonymous
- free vpn
- no aditional charges next to viber.
- 24/7 online vpn support.

We would suggest, try us out! and download our vpn application today!